Sheyla Medina, MD

Areas of Interest: Poetry & storytelling

Experiences of a Multiethnic Cohort of Patients Enrolled in a Financial Reimbursement Program for Cancer Clinical Trials.

JCO oncology practice

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Painless Rectal Bleeding in a Patient With Prostate Cancer.


Medina SP, Wong AC, El-Nachef N

Sex Ed by Brown Med: A Student-Run Curriculum and Its Impact on Sexual Health Knowledge.

Family medicine

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Black adolescent females’ perceptions of racial discrimination when accessing reproductive and general health care


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Perceptions of educational experience and inpatient workload among pediatric residents.

Hospital pediatrics

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Variation in occult injury screening for children with suspected abuse in selected US children's hospitals.


Wood JN, Feudtner C, Medina SP, Luan X, Localio R, Rubin DM

Local macroeconomic trends and hospital admissions for child abuse, 2000-2009.


Wood JN, Medina SP, Feudtner C, Luan X, Localio R, Fieldston ES, Rubin DM