By Students and Residents

From UCSF’s Public Medical Writing course

Jason Nagata "The Patient Rotation" JAMA Pediatrics
Christine Henneberg “Through the Cracks” Family Medicine

From UCSF' Writing for Change Program

Jennifer Chang “It was Benign but Almost Killed Him” The New York Times
Anna Chodos "Falls and Holidays” KQED
David Dowdy "Trained to Avoid Primary Care” Annals of Internal Medicine
Palav Babaria “Threatened Hope – PEPFAR and health in Africa” New England Journal of Medicine
Christina Palmer “A Spoonful of Tax (Makes Obesity go down)” The Huffington Post

Other writings by UCSF students and residents

Dawn Maxey "Harbinger of Grief" University of New Mexico Medical Narrative Competition 2013 - 1st Place. "Obesity in the Field" Winner of the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Essay Competition 2014.
Joshua Lang “What Happens to Women Denied Abortion?” The New York Times Sunday Magazine. “Awakening.” The Atlantic.