Winston Chiong, MD, PhD

Area of Interest: Bioethics

Dr. Winston Chiong is an Associate Professor in the UCSF Department of Neurology Memory and Aging Center, principal investigator of the UCSF Decision Lab (, Director of UCSF Bioethics (, and Mary Oakley Professor of Neuroethics at UCSF. His clinical practice focuses on Alzheimer’s disease, frontotemporal dementia and other cognitive disorders of aging.

Brian Dolan, PhD

Area of Interest: Health Humanities, History of Health Sciences
Humanities & Social Sciences

Research areas include historical perspectives on the development of modern clinical practices and medical epistemology; the ethcis and values of medical technologies, such as information management systems and telemedicine.

Elizabeth Dzeng, PhD, MD, MPH

Areas of interest: Health equity, anti-racism, community-engaged research, structural racism, palliative and end-of-life care, human-centered design, medical sociology, bioethics, qualitative research

Dr. Dzeng is a sociologist and hospitalist physician conducting research at the nexus of sociology, medical ethics, palliative care, health equity, anti-racism, and human-centered design. She is an Associate Professor "In Residence" at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) in the Division of Hospital Medicine and Social and Behavioral Sciences, Sociology program, Affiliated Faculty in the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Philip R. Lee Institute for Health Policy Studies.

David Elkin, MD

Area of Interest: Narrative Medicine (including health humanities, social sciences, ethics and philosophy)

I am a clinical professor in the Department of Psychiatry at UCSF, co-coordinator for medical student education and co-director of the Consultation Liaison Service at ZSFG. I also head the hospital's Physician Well-Being Committee, am an active member of the hospital's ethics committee, and serve as a physician sponsor for Schwartz Rounds. My areas of interest include education and pedagogy, critical thinking, ethics and the medical humanities.

Sheyla Medina, MD

Areas of Interest: Poetry & storytelling

Ian Whitmarsh, PhD

Area of Interest: Medical Anthropology
Humanities & Social Sciences

My work uses critical religious studies, postcolonial theory, and psychoanalytic theory to examine trajectories of science and medicine from the Caribbean to North America and back. I have done anthropological fieldwork on how these trajectories relate to racialization and religious exclusion.

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